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Passage 11 - Message from the Future

Michael St.Clair - author of Light-Seeds: Futures of planet Earth created Passage11 in 2000 View Bio. His Astrology Forecasts offer a powerful overview of the times ahead. St.Clair's original 2000 Narrative still gives an insightful overview of past and future events. See the many Readers & Clients Opinions

St.Clair's Vision is timeless | His Past Predictions are stunning.

New! April 2014: Face to Face With St.Clair

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Face to Face with St.Clair

We look into the mathematical astrology based / psychological dynamics in the making for the coming three decades from the point of view of the human, and from a vantage point of the global players. You attract what you aim for. We show that by projecting power and thinking positively, we are able actually to thrive even in most adverse external circumstances. We guide clients into a changing energy field until they see how they can enact win-win strategies which serve their community. In this area we address ancient zen rules of the I-Ching. Visit St.Clair's new site for more information:

See: A New Era Dawns with Chris Flicher

Light-Seeds - Books

St.Clair Brief Light-Seeds 10% Crystal-Tor Hardcover Zenofstars Part-I Zenofstars Part-II El Zen de las Estrellas IndigoW2011 Orgone Dream Codex Time^Travel Coherence

February 2014: MEMES & THEMES: Karmic Reset 2020

Michael St.Clair: Karmic Reset 2020

The Big Picture!

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Sovereign Europe Versus Brussels - Who Will Win?

"China will not save anyone" - it's mutual benefit or no deal. Reading the economic tea leaves has become a new sport since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008! In 2011 the situation got to a point where many now pay attention. The EU has in effect toppled two legally elected governments and replaced them by appointing EU / IMF technocrats to Athens and to Rome. The Art of Economy War

St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown

Special Offer! 20% Discount, valid until November 30 - Use LULU Code "HOLIDAYVIP305" .. Navigation is the key! Powerful Earth changing events play out before us .. as world economic melt-down leads the way to a 'future' physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines, in this easy to understand briefing, the options we have through 2011 (ahead of the 2012 star alignment) until 2020 to create and essentially manifest - "radiant zones".

The "St.Clair Brief", summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: 'Think outside of the cave'. St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown

Clif High - St.Clair: The Nibelungen Talks

September 1, 2009 - Clif High of answers questions on recent Bot predictions (and metaphysical probabilities) effecting the future in hidden and unseen ways! Download the Audio mp3 files: Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3
Listen to our Audio Streaming in the: Media Room

NewMindTech- Playlist

St.Clair 2010 Part 1 & 2


2010 Playlist

Coast To Coast With George Noory

Cosmologist and astrologer Michael St. Clair discussed with George Noory, his visions of the future. Time travel, John Titor, gold as currency, Earth and climate changes and what merging hyper-dimensions will bring to mankind. Monday 5th January 3 hour show can be heard at: Coast To Coast AM

St.Clair's Media Room | Visions of The Future

Be amazed by St.Clair's unique Art collection of Time Travel Resonators - When Orion star people meet Earth stone people: Art of eternal value is created. St.Clair's Orgone Technology works of Art are altering reality in collectors homes all around the world. View St.Clair's online gallery to experience crafted power tools of sheer elegance and natural beauty.

Magnetic Resonators | Omega*Star | Cathar 2010

Charged @ Chillon

Charged @ Chillon 2009

Listen To St.Clair with Don Nicoloff on Tuesday 6 January, 10 PM til Midnight, PST - a two hour blockbuster! Evident Footprints

The next two years are ruled by the long-standing Uranus-Saturn opposition. Saturn represents status-quo & authority, and Uranus questions all of it, urging for Utopia. This opens a most techno-spiritual venture. Enjoy St.Clair's Outlook 2009-2011

GOLD - Safe Haven Currency

St.Clair talked about the Boriska boy from Mars during his first Project Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy at Chateau de Chillon, in Switzerland. After which Project Camelot traveled to Moskow to interview Boriska. See St.Clair's Astrological chart summary: Teacher from Mars

Indigo Boy from Mars | Boriska Video

Time Travel - Looking Back From The Future

The Phenomenon | 3 Dec 2013 | John Titor Chatlog
The Mirror | Out of The Void | Building The Future Now
Boriska Boy From Mars | Boriska 2009/2013 Catastropies?

St.Clair's - Other Realities

DreamSpace Eco-tecture | Sustainable Living | JS.MineSet
Allies of Humanity | Anton Parks | Electric Universe
Zeitlin-Controller Agenda | Open SETI | Jordan Maxwell
Meta History | Wingmakers | Time Travel | Event Temples